Coatings & Process

Coatings & Process

The coatings we use are developed and manufactured in the UK, specifically for application to uPVC surfaces. When applied to uPVC, the coating chemically reacts with the substrate forming a chemical bond. This removes the need to apply a primer which significantly reduces material cost and labour. It gives us the ability to offer extremely competitive quotes and excellent value to our customers. This process removes the possibility of the coatings peeling of flying off.


With any job, preparation is paramount. We are meticulous in preparation which starts with cleaning and degreasing the surfaces with chemicals that are designed to complement the top coat system.


Masking is then applied to protect all surfaces surrounding the frames and the colour is applied with a spray gun.


Although the coloured top coat is durable enough to withstand most environmental conditions, such as weather and pollution, we also apply a clear coat immediately after the colour is applied to give extra protection. As a result we can offer our customers peace of mind with a long term, written guarantee.

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